“Increases aren’t fare!”

Bangor Mail 22.1.14
“A BANGOR councillor is concerned after receiving complaints regarding bus ticket fayres.
Cllr Rhys Taylor, who represents the Menai ward for city, said he had contacted both Gwynedd and Anglesey councils about the recent changes made to Padarn Buses ticket pricing and arrangements.
“Weekly tickets have been withdrawn (£18 per week) and have been replaced with four weekly tickets for Anglesey and Gwynedd (£85), the cost of which increased overnight from £60.
“I understand that changes have been made following a reduction in local authority (and Welsh Government) cuts to the service, however customers are frustrated that such increases and changes have been made at such short notice, especially during a difficult financial month for all, including many families and individuals.
“I appreciate that nothing can now be done, however I do believe that as a company receiving public funding, the local authority should take steps to ensure fairness for customers, many of which rely on public transport for a range of commitments, including employment.
“The poorest in our communities will suffer as a result of Padarn passing on service cuts to passengers, which is unfair during a difficult economic climate for many people, especially as parts of Gwynedd and Anglesey are among the poorest in Wales, with the average salary in North Wales below that of South Wales.” “

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