Why I’m voting Remain in the EU Referendum.

I’m voting Remain in the EU Referendum not because I think it’s good for jobs, businesses, our housing market, our industries, cheaper travel, not climate change, or trade. All of those things are incredibly and massively important, and the poorest and most vulnerable in our society and our communities will pay the price if we vote to Leave. A vote to Leave is a vote only the richest in our society can afford.

I’m voting Remain because of the values and principles on which the EU was founded and continues to fight for still today. After yesterday’s tragic events, we need these values and principles now more than ever. Democracy, liberty, equality, human dignity and human rights. We can never give up on those values. Giving up on those values in search of some false sense of security robs us all of our freedom, and when we give up our freedom we’re all worse off.

Leave’s scare-tactic video about Turkey joining the EU is exactly the reason why we should vote to Remain, playing our part on the world stage and sharing those values with more and more people, making the world a fairer and more just place for everyone. Being a part of the EU allows us to share those values with countries across the world, strengthening our world democracy, bringing equality, liberty and dignity to the lives of people across the world.

Because even in 2016 we are yet to achieve universal equality, fairness, democracy, human dignity and liberty, and a respect for human rights, and we have a responsibility and obligation to share those values with our neighbours.

That’s why I’m voting to Remain.


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