Review of 2014 for Upper Bangor.

Upper Bangor’s Lib Dem Councillors work hard for their community all year around, not just at elections. We spend all year delivering leaflets, knocking on doors, attending meetings, events, representing and fighting for residents, and more. Here’s just a few of the things that we’ve worked with residents to achieve;

  1. Stopped three week waste and recycling collections from coming to Upper Bangor, and encouraged Gwynedd Council to investigate alternative methods of collections in areas heavily populated by HMOs.
  2. Put pressure on Gwynedd Council to work with businesses to address Upper Bangor’s commercial waste problem.
  3. Working with Gwynedd Council to introduce new policies to address the management and regulation of HMOs in our communities.
  4. Investment in our pavements in roads; Albert Street, Victoria Street, and Holyhead Road.
  5. Held Gwynedd Council to account on the Holyhead Road cycle path spend without consultation.

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