Welsh Liberal Democrats deliver for Wales’ poorest children.


Even though we’re not part of the Welsh Government, we’ve managed to secure our flagship Pupil Deprivation Grant to support pupils from deprived backgrounds with reading and numeracy skills.

Since we first secured this money, teachers have told us just how much of a difference it makes to the children who need it most. Higher reading levels, fewer children skipping school, a narrower attainment gap – all because of the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

Next year, all schools in Wales will receive £1,050 per child on free school meals – rising to £1,150 the year afterwards. For the first time, we’re also extending this Grant to under 5s to make sure our children get the best possible start in life.

For Bangor, this money means an additional £272,500 for our school pupils.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats secured this extra money in 2012 to give less well-off pupils a fair start and I am delighted that we have managed to increase it once again,” said North Wales Liberal Democrat AM Aled Roberts.

“Schools in Gwynedd will now receive over £3.7 million extra in the next two years thanks to the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

“I’m also pleased that 12,500 nursery children under the age of 5 will now benefit.  The aim is to make sure that every child has a fair start when they begin their formal education.

Too often children from poorer backgrounds fall behind in school even at an early age so this Welsh Liberal Democrat policy is designed to tackle inequalities in our education system.


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