IR Cymru (Liberal Youth Wales) call for focus on Mental Health provision

Nt473wwyLast weekend I proposed a motion to the Welsh Liberal Democrats’ 2014 Spring Conference on mental health provision in Wales, with a focus on national provision and community provisions, waiting times and quality, the transition from adolescent to adult services, care in the workplace and in educational institutions, and care for prisoners.

We were so pleased to hear so many people talk openly about their own experiences of mental health.

Ruth Coombs from Mind Cymru commended the motion for its detail and holistic approach to tackling mental health stigma and discrimination and improving care, specifically echoing our calls for an improvement in psychological treatment.

This was a highlight for myself and for Liberal Youth Wales – an external organisation doing so much to push the mental health agenda in Wales and the UK, commending a motion that we proposed at a national party conference. Say what you wan, but this is genuine, membership led, democratically decided, politics.BkivS-lIQAABB_N

This comes as one of many motions that have been successful – concessionary travel for young people which has recently been accepted in the Assembly by the Welsh Government, political education in the curriculum, our input into FE and HE policy, and mental health which has also made its way to the Assembly.

We’re not doing all that bad, if we’re honest.



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