“Next Lib Dem leader must come from the party’s left”

I wholly, 100%, unreservedly agree with this article.

It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve struggled since 2010 with some of the things that the Lib Dems have been a part of. On quite a few occasions, I’ve also nearly handed in my resignation and cancelled my membership to the party. Whether its been the bedroom tax, Lobbying Bill, Immigration Bill, Tuition Fees, the sale of the Student Loans Book, or even the privatisation of the Royal Mail – give me all the information on how privatisation will improve the service as you want, but the principle of privatising basic fundamental services does not, and will not, sit comfortably with me.

I joined the Liberal Democrats in 2008 during the local government elections in Wales.

I disagreed with Plaid on their inward looking, independence obsessed, broken rhetoric on how we could rebuild Wales by standing by ourselves.

Labour had failed to deliver for Wales and my local community, held back generations of people in Wales by continuing to fail communities hit during the 1970s, and did not offer a country or a government which allowed people to lead their own lives.

The Conservatives have never been an option.

I joined the Liberal Democrats because of the values on which our party is founded. Basic principles of freedom, equality, liberty, community, where nobody is enslaved by poverty, ignorance, or conformity. As the article says;

“I believe in an enabling state, which gives people opportunities, whatever their background or present circumstances, which provides certain services not for profit but because they’re basic fundamental services and which people already pay for in general taxation”

I admire Clegg for being able to steer the party through difficult times, and remaining as leader, but we need a slight change of direction, and a bit more storytelling to bring our founding beliefs and principles back to centre stage.


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