To-let, buy-let, never let? Join our campaign!

To-Leti460x276Bangor has a high level of HMOs or student houses, most of which will have a ‘to-let’ sign on them at some point during the year, throughout the year, or for a large portion of the year. Bangor Liberal Democrats are calling for to-let boards to be regulated to ensure that our community is kept tidy and that student houses blend into the environment, without having a negative impact on our environment.

Join in and support our efforts and sign our petition, here.

Here’s what we’re calling on Gwynedd Council to do.

This Council:-

  • Acknowledges that ‘To Let’ and ‘Let By’ signs can be erected on some properties for months despite the property being occupied.  These signs can attract crime and anti-social behaviour as well as having a detrimental effect on the appearance of the area.
  • Notes the success of the code on the erection of residential letting boards in Inner North West Leeds which led to a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour and improved the appearance of the Headingley and Hyde Park areas.

Agrees to:-

  • Introduce such a code in Gwynedd, (based on the Leeds scheme), on the erection of residential letting boards, with specific areas of Special Control, that will start with pilot areas in the wards of Menai, Garth, Hirael, and Deiniol and be expanded as soon as possible across the county.

 The code should state:

  1. Only one board per building will be permitted.
  2. Each board will conform to the following layout: 34cm x 48cm or 48cm x 34cm.
  3. The board shall be mounted flush to the wall above/around the front door, or if that is not possible, it shall be mounted flush to the wall on the street frontage elevation. In either instance, no part of the board shall be higher than first-floor window sill level.
  4. The board shall have a white background with black text. Up to 20% of the board may be occupied by a logo (which may be in colour).
  5. One board shall be permitted per landlord/agent per street. However, if a landlord/agent specifies on the board, the number of bedrooms in the advertised property, one board shall be permitted per type of property, up to a maximum of three per street.
  6. There shall be no ‘Let By’ signs.
  7. ‘To Let’ boards shall be removed not later than 14 days after the granting of a tenancy for the room, house or flat in question.
  8. HMOs should not have advertisement boards on properties throughout the year, and should only be displayed when the property is for rental, and should be removed whilst the property is rented, 14 days after the granting of a tenancy.

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