Bangor Focus Team, September 2013

Your Upper Bangor Councillors have been pursuing many issues across the area recently, particularly around late night licensing and waste. We have;

  • Proactively fought to defend the right of residents to a peaceful community, ensuring that there is a balance between local business needs and the needs of local residents.
  • We have worked with the council to realise local licensees’ licensing conditions, particularly around public nuisance with regards to the dispersal of people and clearing outside their properties.
  • Communicated issues with parking in Upper Bangor, concentrating on cars and delivery lorries parking along Holyhead Road, and parking in areas such as Snowdon View, The Crescent and College Road.
  • Communicating safety issues with parking that impacts upon emergency vehicle access.
  • Notifying the council of areas where waste and litter have gathered in Upper Bangor, ensuring that the area is kept clear. This has also meant requesting that the Council write to local businesses to remind them of their license conditions and the council’s licensing objectives.
  • Requesting information on the legality of selling tickets and exchanging money for entry to nightclubs.

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