Welsh Government for Wales?

Apparently not.

North Wales has lost out yet again after a £36 million rail scheme for North East Wales was delayed indefinitely. It begs the question do we have a Welsh Government for the whole of Wales?

North Wales has yet again lost out on vital investment that would go some way to boosting the regional economy.

“Seven miles (11km) of single rail track is due to be doubled between Wrexham and Saltney Junction, part of a £36m Welsh government-funded project to improve the journey time between north and south Wales.

It would allow trains to travel up to 90mph (114km/h) in sections.

The work was due to be finished by early 2015 but Transport Minister Edwina Hart is now reviewing the plans following delays, and local councillors have said they feared the scheme was in “limbo”.”

North Wales Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Aled Roberts said

“When you look at infrastructure announcements over the years, it is more than clear that north Wales does not receive its fair share of expenditure for capital projects.

“Despite making up over a fifth of Wales’ population, our region is far too often overlooked.

“The first minister has acknowledged that the re-doubling of the Wrexham to Saltney Junction railway line will aid economic development across the region. Yet time and time we have seen delays.”

It’s a wonder that some people in Wales continue to question the purpose of devolution, and question whether Wales is better off running its own affairs. The clear red water has left Wales behind on health, education, the economy, and over-reliance on the public sector. The Welsh Government needs to act as a Government for the whole of Wales, and needs to build strong foundations for a strong economy in Wales.

Enterprise zones are slow to come to fruition, whilst the Liberal Democrats’ flagship Regional Growth Fund, a £1.4bn investment, is investing in areas across the country to boost job creation and to save jobs. Where’s the commitment from the Welsh Government to all areas of Wales?!



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